What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

Salesforce service cloud is a CRM (customer relationship management) platform designed to increase the customer service effectiveness and support. It’s a tool to manage customer information. It could be the unit of a whole Salesforce CRM package for your business. 

For enterprises looking for digitalization of their business, salesforce service cloud offers help and support to agents, executives and customers as well. It helps an organization in  understanding customers better and resolving their issues faster. 

As customer expectations evolve and change with time, It becomes necessary for a successful business enterprise to keep up with these changes and requirements by subscribing to new solutions and technologies to deliver best results and customer satisfaction. 

A customer service department encounters various issues on a regular basis like delayed response time to inquiries, inconsistency in operational process, unsystematic contact history figures. This affects the productivity of the business resulting in consultants and customers both feeling frustrated. 

Here’s when Salesforce service cloud technology comes to the rescue! It offers one the best customer support solutions. It was created using the SaaS (software as a service) model and can be accessed from any device. 

Features Of Salesforce Service Cloud

Intelligent and Advanced Analytics

Service analytics features of the service cloud provides intelligent insights and helps managers to know key performance indicators. It offers reports which can be used to identify areas that need improvement and areas that are performing well.

It helps management teams to proactively address concerns and issues with individual agents. With the information given by analytics, it becomes easier to predict customer issues, product issues, and in analyzing any risk patterns that a business may encounter. 

Multi channel service through Integration 

Customers send their request by numerous communication channels like email, phone, live agent conversations, video chats etc. Service cloud combines the request from different channels into one ticketing system. The tickets are then forwarded to agents based on their area of specialization and on the basis of priority status.

The biggest benefit of this functionality is the fast and convenient service for all the customers of your business irrespective of the communication channel they chose.

Case Management

Case management is a component of service cloud that incorporates everything from case creation, case escalation, reassignment and closure. The service cloud helps in tracking and resolving cases at a much faster pace. 

Businesses can address and solve client’s complaints within due time and solve them without much delay.


The service cloud automates routine processes and helps in resolving the customer issues faster. With workflows, email templates, macros and other tools, it becomes easy for the service cloud to carry out automation of different processes. 

For managers and agents, this feature saves a lot of time and they can focus more on complex issues rather than everyday routine tasks.  

Artificial Intelligence Driven Customer Service

The service cloud makes use of Salesforce’s Einstein AI to upgrade and enhance customer experience. Einstein bots handle all the routine customer service requests, categorization of cases and basic authentication of customers before forwarding them off to the agents. This increases the efficiency and productivity of agents and saves a lot of time. 

Einstein also analyzes the patterns of customer behavior utilizing the self service features. It provides valuable recommendations to customers and organizes their self service experience.

Knowledge And Insight

The knowledge base installed in the agent’s console helps the agents to access and deliver the right answers to the customer inquiries. It serves as a powerful tool and acts as an online library which provides accurate information to the agents. 

This feature of service cloud provides greater engagement and assists agents in resolving customer issues faster.

Personalized Service In Every Device

Field service agents can solve cases on the go from any device and from anywhere. With the help of Salesforce service cloud mobile app, managers can monitor in real time metrics.

Live Chat With Agent

This functionality allows customers to connect with a service agent 1:1 in real time via web chat through any device. It also provides multilingual support and chats can be forwarded to the agents based on their area of expertise. 

Benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud

Customer Service

The main goal of the Salesforce service cloud is to make things easier and effortless for your customer service team. With the help of workflow automation, they can cut down the workload and manual labour. This boosts overall business efficiency. 

And because of this high quality customer service, queries get answered quickly. Customer loyalty and satisfaction also increases as a result.

Data Security

When it comes to data security, Salesforce CRM is the leading cloud technology in the world. Protecting sensitive customer information is the top priority of Salesforce service cloud. All data is safe and secure with a multilayer protection strategy. 

Salesforce service cloud offers a highly secure cloud infrastructure with an extensive set of security tools. Data is monitored on a continuous basis. 

Personalized Customer Engagement

Customers can connect through multiple channels of communication like email, phone, chat and social media like facebook, linkedin, twitter etc. Service cloud employs customer’s preferred channel of communication to facilitate addressing the issues and problems of customers faster.

Agent’s Productivity

With features like knowledge base, multi/omni channel service, macros, milestone tracking email to case and many other automations, agents find it easier to quickly respond to customer queries and resolve customer issues. 

Omni channel automation enables routing of tasks and work items to the most appropriate and available agent.  They can also work from anywhere and through any device. Salesforce lightning console streamlines all these activities keeping in mind the agent’s productivity.

The Salesforce lightning console amalgamates all the agent’s experiences and serves information from case histories, customer profiles, and dashboards.


The self service community helps both customers and agents help themselves. Customers can find required answers to their questions quickly. Self service communities feature FAQs, trending articles, and other ways to interact with each and ask questions. 

These self service communities make customers feel inclusive and a part of your business. Service cloud monitors self service communities and if any query is left unanswered, the same is transferred to an agent to be answered in real time.

Wrapping Up

The Salesforce service cloud offers four packages each with a different price quote. It charges on a per month/user basis. The lowest priced package essentials is available at $25 per user per month, the next is the professional package priced at  $75 per user per month, enterprise edition at $150 per user per month, and the highest package unlimited at $300 per user per month. 

Large businesses can opt for the unlimited package because it opens up the access to large scale call center support and unlimited users. 

Big organizations have both the need and the budget for the unlimited edition of the service cloud.  

Salesforce products pricing is negotiable and flexible. Service cloud is fully customizable. You can speak to your Salesforce agent and can also add or remove certain features. The price will be adjusted accordingly.

The Salesforce service cloud is equipped with features that help improve customer experience and agent’s performance. It is created to support your past, current and future client’s requests regarding billing, service, product and other queries. 

Service cloud features like self service portal, call center, knowledge base, customer service automation, all work in harmony to provide the best customer experience and customer support to the clients. 

If you are looking to improve your customer service operations and overall efficiency of the customer service department, then must consider implementing the service cloud for your business. Contact us for Salesforce Service Cloud implementation. Our team at Aekot is ready to help and assist you.