Top Features of Salesforce Sales Cloud

4 mins read

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud? Sales cloud is the most popular product offered by Salesforce. It is a customer relationship management(CRM) tool released in the year 2009 designed to focus on the sales segment of a business enterprise. Sales cloud solutions allow for a more personalised customer experience and better […]


Understanding Salesforce Service Cloud?

7 mins read

What is Salesforce Service Cloud? Salesforce service cloud is a CRM (customer relationship management) platform designed to increase the customer service effectiveness and support. It’s a tool to manage customer information. It could be the unit of a whole Salesforce CRM package for your business.  For enterprises looking for digitalization […]


Salesforce Data Cleansing Tips

5 mins read

The world has adapted to cloud computing and technology at a significant pace in the past decade. Organisations today rely heavily on digital services to manage their business. And data management is the most important aspect of a digital enterprise.  Poor data quality affects all the processes of the business […]