What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Sales cloud is the most popular product offered by Salesforce. It is a customer relationship management(CRM) tool released in the year 2009 designed to focus on the sales segment of a business enterprise. Sales cloud solutions allow for a more personalised customer experience and better business management.

Sales automation, collaboration and sales forecasting help engage with potential clients. This application assists in tracking and generating revenue throughout the sales cycle. You get a 360 degree view of the customer’s journey and lifecycle, centralized data and streamlined workflows.

Salesforce implementation works for every industry type. As a leading CRM platform it connects your business with potential customers through a linked system. Sales cloud is SaaS (Software as a service) platform and so it can be accessed from anywhere in the world with a web connectivity. Following are some of the best features of the Salesforce sales cloud.

Top Features Of Salesforce Sales Cloud

Lead management

It is one of the most special features of the Salesforce Sales Cloud. Lead management allows you to track and convert more leads into real-time possibilities. It gives you accurate information about business leads and you can find out exactly where the lead came from. 

Sales Cloud provides automation to the lead management process. It records leads and nurtures them throughout the different levels until the deal is closed. Another benefit of this feature is that teams can optimize and track all campaigns and marketing activities across all channels. It helps in making smarter decisions and in growing a business by converting leads into opportunities.

Opportunity Management

The opportunity management feature helps in managing all the deals and opportunities generated by your sales rep and it also helps in closing maximum number of deals. You can streamline your sales process with this feature. Also, you can see an overview of team deals including quotes, price, products. stage etc. 

It helps sales managers keep track of deals and stay updated on the latest team happenings. You can manage your sales deals from anywhere in the world. Additionally it  also lets you know the steps you need to take to grab an opportunity and win sales deals.

Reports And Dashboards

Salesforce Sales Cloud lets you easily create customized sales forecasting reports. Right information is readily available to sales managers which helps them in keeping track of their teams performance. 

You can make smarter and quick decisions. Dashboard functionality. helps in arranging and sorting the data. You can display the data as you want. For example, you can show the sales figures and number of successful conversions and leads with the dashboard feature of the sales cloud. 

Quote Management

Using the Salesforce sales cloud platform you can generate  automated quotes with the best templates and deliver them to your clients with personalized and interactive email. Because of this feature there will be better contract management and deals will get close faster.

Pipeline And Forecast Management

This feature of the sales cloud lets you have a comprehensive view into forecasts and know the health of the pipeline. It provides visibility of your business activities which helps you in taking many critical decisions. These decisions ultimately affect the revenue of business. With valuable data insights and predictive AI at your disposal making successful decisions for the growth of your business becomes easier.

Contact And Account Management 

Get insight into customer’s data with this feature of the sales cloud. It lets you access all critical data relating to your customers like their communication history, vital contacts and other important details. This helps you in understanding and engaging with your customers better. 

Email Sync And Integration

Easily integrate your mail with sales cloud. You can sync your contacts, events and tasks with the help of a sales cloud. You can track email activities of your clients and you do not need to worry about logging manually every single time. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud Pricing

There are different versions of the sales cloud to choose from and each comes with a unique pricing. The most basic version comes with $25 per month per user. Other versions include professional ($75), enterprise ($150), unlimited ($300). 

Sales cloud as a product of the Salesforce helps reps, leads, and teams to check pipeline status and forecasts from anywhere in the world. It serves as a convenience tool for the business. 

With the sales cloud, there is an increase in sales productivity and deals close much faster. It can be used alone or can be integrated with other apps as well. Overall, it’s a great software to invest in to increase the revenue and productivity of a business.