Why Salesforce Health Cloud ?

5 mins read

Salesforce Health Cloud is a cloud-based CRM for healthcare enterprises in the world. Its main focus is to enhance the overall doctor-patient relationship and to give a better patient experience. There are several use cases of health-cloud for life science organizations. We have talked about the 10 best use cases […]


Salesforce Health Cloud

8 mins read

Digital transformation in the past few years has accelerated with the introduction of cloud computing. Salesforce has not only popularized the term cloud computing worldwide but it is also a leader when it comes to providing the best cloud services to businesses. One such service is the Salesforce Health Cloud.  […]


Salesforce Governor Limits

6 mins read

Ever since its launch, Salesforce CRM has become the most popular and powerful platform in the tech industry. It is one of the first cloud computing companies which deliver its product and services through an internet browser and not servers sitting in your company‚Äôs office.  In this regard, Salesforce is […]