With Summer 20” Release of Salesforce, business automation just got a lot more powerful. With the release Flows can be invoked on the After Save event of a record. This means that we can leverage Flows to perform Business logic and in the context of a record that exists in the System. Spring 20 had introduced the feature where flows could be invoked before the record is saved to the system.

What does this mean to me and how will I benefit?

What this means is that a ton of code is soon to be eliminated which resides in ApexTriggers. And you Administrator / Developer could do a lot more with Flows leveraging the Salesforce recommended point-click to achieve the end result. A few examples to consider would be :

  • Custom Roll-ups (excluding delete scenarios).
  • Automated addition of Line-items to Opportunities based on criteria
  • Business logic related to DML when and record is Inserted and its information is to be used in other places

How should you proceed?

It is always recommended to analyse Salesforce Releases and adapt your Salesforce Instance accordingly. Changes could be grand or small when released by Salesforce and if not addressed early on could result in breaking of things in Production. Smaller changes released could help and make your Salesforce Instance be less complex yet a lot more powerful. Salesforce has come a long way and is the market dominant in CRM space for a reason. Also, you can have an expert analyse your Salesforce instance and let them analyse and recommend changes if needed.

Key take-away

There is a famous Quote by Heraclitus – Everything changes and nothing stands still.” This stands very true and strong to Technology and its implementation. Being business leaders and professionals you would have come across stories where some top companies resisted to change and a dip was witnessed. You or anyone wouldn’t want that to happen or even imagine that happening whether connected directly or indirectly. The takeaway and emphasis would be to analyse Salesforce releases and see how that benefits your implementation even that calls for some analysis, break and build. It would definitely be worth it.

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