The Salesforce Financial Services CRM provides financial institutions with all the necessary tools and services to operate their business with less complexity and greater ease. It lets banks and other financial institutions build trust and earn customer loyalty through personalized experiences. 

Financial Services Cloud breaks down the data silos in the system and delivers integrated service, sales, and marketing solutions to organizations. It helps to establish a customized and unified experience for clients through all channels and across all departments. 

Any business belonging to the financial services sector can leverage the functionalities and tools of the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. It assists in gaining visibility into the customer’s journey, automates several administrative tasks, and allows access to critical data.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud software helps to meet the changes and accompanies handling the industry challenges with ease of automation and digitalization of services. For all organizations, customer satisfaction and customer needs are a top priority. 

Salesforce FSC helps companies to meet the financial needs and goals of each customer. Following are the benefits of the Financial Services Cloud for major sectors in the financial industry:

Banking Sector

The Banking sector can significantly benefit from the services of Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud. It unifies customer experiences and gives more personalized service. The 360-degree view and insight into customer data like leads, deposits, branch activity, and referrals, provide the bankers and brand managers with all the necessary information pivotal for acting on new opportunities and formulating new plans. 

It increases customer satisfaction and amplifies operational efficiency. Some other key benefits of the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud for the banking sector include

  • The segmentation of clients based on their financial requirements and goals.
  • Delivering digital service and engagement from starting point to throughout the customer lifecycle on both desktop and mobile.
  • Earning customer loyalty by giving them a unified experience.

Insurance Companies

The Salesforce Financial Services Cloud helps insurance companies implement digital insurance processes with greater flexibility and less complications. It helps the insurance reps and agents to serve the unique needs of each policyholder. They can access 360-degree views of each policyholder. 

Here are a few key benefits of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud for companies in insurance sector:

  • Access to intuitive Dashboards, Insights to guide coverage recommendations, and Real-Time Analytics. 
  • Getting valuable information about the past, present, and future of insurance policies, life events, claims, and coverage of each policyholder. 
  • Workflows on Onboarding Activity.
  • Streamlining multiple processes with automated quoting, digital submissions, and online collaboration.
  • Pre and Post-Transaction Customer Lifecycle.
  • Personalization of policyholder’s experience and administering the complete claims lifecycle right from the first notice of loss intake that propels auto adjudication, payment, and reserve management.

Wealth Management Sector

The firms engaged in wealth management services can rely heavily on Salesforce Financial Services CRM. It helps them to deliver customized advice to their clients which earns them the long-lasting trust and loyalty of their customers. Deliver the best services, and provide critical partner solutions and client information to advisors via a single location. 

Here are a few key benefits of the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud for wealth management firms:

  • Data Unification helps to get client information in one place without needing to log into different systems.
  • Its tools and services enable managers to deliver customized advice across all channels.
  • Automation of everyday routine tasks speeds up workflows and efficiency of the business and helps in achieving greater client insight.
  • Powerful Marketing Automation helps to maximize the time devoted to assisting clients to achieve their financial goals.

Mortgage And Lending Organizations

Salesforce FSC has immense advantages for organizations in the mortgage and lending sector. It allows you to track customer relationships, achieve coordination among stakeholders and streamline handoffs.

Here are some major benefits of SFC for Mortgage And Lending organizations:

  • Automation of commercial lending process.
  • Forecasting the needs, requests, and future behavior with the help of intelligent analytics.
  • Optimization of the mortgage process and gaining vision and insight into partner profiles and borrowers.
  • Dealing with changes in customer lending and mortgages with more ease and less complexity.

Salesforce can also assist you with complaint management systems. It brings data and all the processes together to boost operational efficiency and prioritize customer’s needs.  With complaint management in Salesforce FSC, you can gain insight into data management, have complaints surface so that they don’t get lost, monitor important tasks, and especially send out SLA letters to clients automatically and let them know that their complaint is under process.  

The Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is available in Lightning Experience, Enterprise, and unlimited editions. There is also an official guide from Salesforce to guide you on Salesforce FSC implementation. Click here to check that out.