Salesforce is the global CRM leader and has evolved as one of the best online software which can adapt to any industry type or size. Many large-scale enterprises use Salesforce CRM to automate their business processes, workflows and manage customer relations. The technological tools and solutions provided by Salesforce CRM have benefits not only for big enterprises but also for small and growing businesses. 

Digital transformation has accelerated in the tech industry over the past decade because of Salesforce and its capabilities. Whether it is sales, marketing, or services, Salesforce can enhance all the major operations of a business unit.

For small companies, Salesforce can speed up growth and transform it into a highly efficient and more professional running business. Scoring leads and increasing annual sales revenue becomes easy with the Salesforce CRM system. Following are some of the major benefits of Salesforce for small businesses:

Scalable Customer Management

In the initial phases of business growth, customer contacts and prospects are extremely valuable. Without a CRM system, the process of managing contacts and converting prospects into potential customers is challenging. Salesforce helps small businesses in understanding their customers better with its analytics and dashboard functionalities. It makes it easy for you to stay in contact with your customers. Also, it not only supports you in doing business with your clients but delivers the speed and scalability that a fast-growing enterprise needs. 

Salesforce CRM provides valuable insights on what steps to take regarding keeping your customers happy and how to navigate and solve the challenges that arise while dealing with your customers. 

Easy File Sharing And Flexible Growth

You can control who has access to sensitive data and files with the help of Salesforce tools. You can do this with the sharing setting features of Salesforce. Also, this CRM system is very easy to use and operate. Everything is at the user’s fingertips. From customer profiles to unique dashboards which help in arranging and sorting the data.

Salesforce key features and extra apps provide you with specialized business tools to help and grow your business. For example, Salesforce AppExchange offers thousands of free and paid apps to add to your CRM for additional functionalities. You can also create your own custom apps on the Salesforce platform.

It is easy to access from anywhere in the world. Also, you do not have to worry about updating, managing, or installing software. Salesforce provides you with a powerful platform to build and grow your business.

Increase In Sales And improved Sale Strategies

With Salesforce CRM, you get a comprehensive view of each of your customers. It records customer information right from the first click to them becoming your leads and clients. All past interactions get stored. You can see transaction history, the status of pending orders and invoices, and every other detail you need to make the right business deal with your customers. 

Salesforce allows you to gather and analyze data which helps in making smarter decisions and improved sales strategies. It enhances the overall sales effectiveness of a business. It helps you to qualify leads and convert a prospect into a sale. With the AI technology of Salesforce CRM, you get valuable insights and use them to make a market forecast. It will help you in formulating your sales campaign strategies.

Social Media Service

Today, it is hard to imagine a world without social media. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are places from which a lot of information can be collected about your prospects and the activities of your clients. This information can be utilized further for understanding customer behavior and to study the current and future trends of the business industry and market. 

Also, social media is a great option for advertising your business too! Salesforce CRM helps leverage the power of social media for small businesses. It allows you to respond to your customers on social media platforms and deliver quality customer service as well.

Improved Performance And Greater Return On Investment

Salesforce is especially great at generating revenue and increasing return on Investment. It improves the performance of the business in all areas. The automation tools and functionalities of Salesforce help small businesses to grow their customer base and increase sales and customer satisfaction. 

It automates various repetitive business tasks and processes thereby increasing the efficiency of the business. Whether it comes to lead generation, managing workflows, or handling the demands of a growing business, Salesforce offers everything required for the growth and expansion of a business.

Using Salesforce CRM For Your Small Business

For small businesses and firms, Salesforce has an Essentials Package. It was specifically designed for startups around the world. The package is a basic version of Salesforce and its key features. This edition includes the core needs of a business like contact management, opportunity tracking, lead management, custom reports and dashboards, and access to SalesforceApp through mobile. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud

The Sales Cloud manages the customers and the sales data. It customizes the sales process including opportunities and tasks. It empowers the sales team which results in higher levels of productivity and profits for the organization.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Marketing Cloud automates various tasks related to social media and other marketing activities. You can schedule when to post and use marketing tools like email to advertise and increase your customer base. With the help of Salesforce Pardot, you can get valuable information about your customers and utilize it to the best advantage for your business.

Salesforce Service Cloud

The Service Cloud supports and manages customer service. It features a comprehensive and customizable user interface for customer service agents. You can create custom workspaces particularly catered to the needs of agents. Macros in Salesforce automate repetitive customer service tasks. The agents can handle multiple cases at once within the service console and from all mediums.

Wrapping Up

Small companies and start-ups around the world can leverage the capabilities of Salesforce and accelerate the growth of their business. Salesforce CRM platform provides various tools and resources needed for any size of business. Smaller organizations can save a lot of time by using advanced CRM software like Salesforce and eliminate the need to perform several manual tasks. It offers data security, data management, customer service support, and automation of sales and marketing processes of business.  

There is different pricing for each of the Salesforce packages. Salesforce Essentials costs $25 per month, Salesforce Professional costs $75 per month and Salesforce Pardot costs $1250 per month. You can start with the essentials package and as your business grows you can opt for the professional edition of Salesforce. 

If you need help implementing Salesforce for your business, Aekot is there to help you. We have a dedicated team of Salesforce professionals who can implement, integrate and customize Salesforce according to the needs and preferences of your business.