5 Quick Tips For Salesforce Admins to Supercharge Their Productivity

  • As Salesforce is in the process of retiring workflow and process builder, admins must embrace the new change (Salesforce Flows And Automations). Flow’s functionality helps in building complex automation with just clicks, thereby reducing the dependency on coding. It gives them the same power as that of a developer. 
  • Take advantage of Einstein Search! Increase productivity and get better, more personalized, and applicable search results with the help of Einstein Search. 
  • Use the Analyze Button to improve your Lightning Pages. This button will provide an anticipated page load time for desktop as well as mobile. It also provides suggestions and practices for improving the page load time and giving a better experience to the end-user. 
  • Backup Your Salesforce Data! Admins should give enough consideration to data protection. One of the easiest ways to do that is to backup your Salesforce data frequently on a routine basis. 
  • As the nature of the work of Salesforce admins can sometimes be quite complex, maintaining the data quality is of utmost importance. Identifying duplicate records is a key thing. An admin must train users to adopt top-quality data processing tools & functionalities. Using various automation tools, high data quality can be maintained on a consistent basis.

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