Salesforce Genie, announced this year during the most popular Salesforce event Dreamforce 2022 is a real-time CRM platform for data integration. It supports businesses in reshaping their relationship with their customers by providing personalized, real-time, and hyperscale customer experiences and interactions. 

Salesforce Genie powers the complete customer 360 platform. With Genie, an organization can derive data from different business processes to customize and enhance its services and overall customer experience. It ultimately helps in achieving and meeting the ever-changing needs and demands of customers in this fast-paced world.

It is like an extension of the existing CDPs or customer data platforms. CDPs came into existence for the first time in tag management platforms. In the year 2012, Google launched a tool named ‘Tag Manager’ which helped companies to administer their client-side web tracking. This tool however didn’t become very popular because it resulted in data silos of an organization’s customer data. 

Today, customers expect more personalized interactions and yet the data remains duplicated and scattered due to poor data management practices in most organizations. It is difficult to translate this data into action.

Handling data is becoming increasingly challenging because the amount of data that is being created, consumed, and captured annually is rapidly growing. It is now more important for organizations to focus on seamlessly connecting digital and real-time customer interactions to provide the most personalized, relevant, and fascinating customer experiences.

Genie comes to the rescue! It has built-in connectors which extensively collect, store, and manage data from every channel (mobile, apps, online, APIs, legacy data from Mulesoft, and also historical data from private lakes of data). Synchronizing customer data and turning it into powerful insights is another major benefit provided by Salesforce Genie.

Why Real-Time CRM Is So Important And Unique?

There is a need for more personalized business interactions and services. And also to keep up with the growing and diverse expectations of customers. Genie is intending to be the first real-time CRM data platform empowering the whole Salesforce customer 360 platform. 

It harmonizes the transactional customer data to give a single unified view of customer interactions. This helps organizations to predict their customer preferences and needs and deliver personalized service and interaction.  Seamless communication between the service provider and the customer is possible with real-time CRM. 

One example that was given during the Dreamforce event was that of a pacemaker detecting arrhythmic heartbeats and automatically sending a notification to the patient that they need to pay attention.

For Marketers, Salesforce Genie brings together both internal and external real-time streams of data to supercharge customer data and turn it into action. Sales representatives can benefit from real-time insights about customers based on historical as well as current data. 

It is very important for every service agent to have access to authentic customer information across all touchpoints. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing a valuable customer. Medical and healthcare professionals can provide customized care planning and individualized attention to patients with the help of Salesforce Genie’s real-time capabilities. 

At the Dreamforce event, it was also brought into the spotlight how they are planning to integrate all the Genie capabilities with Tableau and Mulesoft. Genie is designed to take advantage of a data lake that has both structured and unstructured real-time data. It not only centralizes the customer data and acts as a single source of truth but also provides various functionalities for businesses to use the data. 

Genie is a major upgrade from the previous Salesforce CDP which only allowed access to data through transactional databases. 

Salesforce Genie’s capabilities unlock the true power of customer data. From turning payments transactions, financial balances, and other real-time data into valuable customer insights to connecting and combining data to give a 360-degree view of your customers. It helps an organization improve its business strategy and make better decisions pertaining to its customers. 

For more information on Salesforce Genie check out this official in-depth guide from Salesforce.