Manual Sharing in Salesforce

5 mins read

Salesforce contains a lot of data in the form of records. And the sharing of these records within the organization with different employees, managers, and teams of each department (marketing, finance, sales department, etc) is done with the help of various security and sharing settings offered by Salesforce. Manual Sharing […]


Integrating Salesforce with Google Ads

6 mins read

Salesforce has earned its reputation as one of the most beneficial web-based software to manage customer-related database for any business in the market. As a cloud computing technology, Salesforce is leading today in the I.T  industry. Similarly, in the digital advertising world, Google Ads is the market leader. Integrating Salesforce […]


Sandbox Refresh Strategy

4 mins read

Sandbox refresh strategy is important considering there could development work that could be in the Sandboxes and be lost. Also refreshing sandboxes could also result production data be available in Sandboxes which you may want to mask before it being available. Org Structure and Naming Convention: We should know how […]